Delilah's Downloads Healing and Restoration Ministry

Saying what needs to be Said!

Welcome to Delilah's Downloads!


     God gave me a vision and prophetic word that my kingdom purpose is to help heal and restore the world by ministering and teaching the Word of God in a way that is easy to understand and apply. He said, call the ministry Delilah's Downloads.

     The visual given was human hands creating the shape of a heart. The image represents the guidance of the Holy Spirit will offer me to say what needs to be said, out of love , connecting God's people. Glory to God!

    Here I will work to build a platform and community that connects you with various resources to nurture and grow you with the things of God.

As we are getting started, Delilah's 'Downloads' (videos) will be my primary source to speak to you. Through Delilah's 'Downloads'  I will share the Word of God and work with you to take limits off and empower you to the BIGGEST, BEST you God has called you to be!

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    I believe Jesus Christ is Lord, died for our sins and on the 3rd day rose from the dead.

    I look forward to serving you or your ministry through my God given purpose.

              Love, Delilah


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