A little about me...

Life strategist
Corporate Leader
Transformative speaker

I was placed on this earth for the purpose of propelling women to their destiny. To help them break out!

Over the past 45 years, my life's trials, tribulations , failures and successes have equipped and qualified to do just that.

Born and raised on the Westside of Chicago Illinois, it’s hard to understand how in the Summer of 2016 I landed in Ewa Beach Hawaii, where I currently reside. One of those unexpected pit stops :-). There’s a story and testimony behind this pit stop, but we will not unwrap that here. While I technically live in Ewa Beach I still spend quite a lot of time in Chicago. One aunt jokes that I actually live in “ChiwaiI”, lol.

I am an only child with many brothers and sisters. If that makes sense? I was raised by a loving mother, grandparents, an aunt and an uncle. And I still believe God to restore my relationship with my father.  I was an 80s latchkey kid which unbeknownst to me, played a role in my historical feelings of performance based acceptance, rejection and abandonment.

While in High School in 1989 I began a relationship with my husband. We have now been married for almost 20 years. That statement seems so simple but there are so many lessons, experiences and testimonies from this part of my journey that will be used to help heal the people of God, especially the women. The ups, downs, financial hardships, infidelities, identity confusion, damage and restoration have all played a part in making me who I am today.

My husband and I have a total of five children and three grandchildren. I physically gave birth to two sons and am bonus mom to another son and two daughters; who have blessed me with the honor of being considered a grandma. Although my bonus children are 24yrs old, the revelation of my role as their bonus mom is new to me. I have so much excitement about what God is doing here. He is the master of restoration!

I have worked for the same organization in corporate America for over20 years. But amazingly have only discovered in the recent past, my real job :-)

Several years back, let’s call it 2012, I started to hear things in a way I hadn’t previously. I want to say God tapped me on the shoulder but, the truth is, He has always been there. I just started to listen. Slowly but surely, different chains I was bound by started falling. Over the past five years I drew closer to God and His Word. Having spent my early childhood years in the “church” and Catholic school, I understood who God and Jesus were but had no idea what it was like to have a relationship with them or to have my BFF, The Holy Spirit, reside in me.

Beginning in late 2015, early 2016 I started to hear God say – Come closer and step into your calling and position. He positioned people of God, including prophets and prophetesses, into my life that spoke into my calling. He began training me in the Word and different spiritual resources.

In 2016, flying from Chicago to Hawaii, returning from spending Thanksgiving with my family, God spoke a Word to me about shepherding Delilah’s Downloads. I selected the word “shepherding” on purpose because I did not “create” it; He did!

Since then I have published over 100 videos sharing the Word of God. I’m the same woman that looked at God last year like, "HUH? Who’s gonna share your word? I’m not trained to do that! I’m not "qualified ". Of course he was like – “those he predestined, he also called; those he called, he also justified; those he justified, he also glorified” Rom 8:30

He continues to stretch and grow me and is currently revealing the next pieces of the puzzle to me –specifics on the Healing and Restoration Ministry. Although the story is still in the making, one thing He has made ABSOLUTELY clear is, I have been called and equipped to help heal and restore women to their God given purposes for the sake of the kingdom. The Holy Spirit and my life’s journey have trained me to relate to most women – From the Block to the Boardroom! Don't worry men, you should tune in as well for an insightful word.

I look forward to building relationships with you. I invite you to join me on this journey